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Frequently Asked Questions


Q)  Where do the dogs come from that are up for adoption?

A)  We rescue the dogs from open admission shelters in the East Bay Area. The dogs were previously surrendered to the shelters or were found stray and not claimed by their former guardians.


Q)  How much does it cost to reserve space to visit with adoptable dogs?

A) The cost is $10 per person to make a reservation to spend time with the dogs for 55 minutes. If there are spots available, we will allow walk-ins to spend 55 minutes with the dogs for $5.


Q)  Why do you charge to visit with adoptable dogs?

A)  Your visit supports our life-saving work and helps to keep the adoption center open! If you end up adopting a dog from us, we will apply the hourly rates you paid to visit the adoption center for the 7 days preceding your adoption towards your adoption fees.


Q)  How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

A)  The cost is $200 for a dog adoption, which will include spay or neuter, microchip and vaccines. We will offer a $50 "rebate" to adopters who return within a month after adoption and show proof that they have signed their new dog up for dog training or have secured pet insurance for their new dog.