The Journey so far

Brenda has been volunteering at animal shelters since 1993. In 2011, she began bringing dogs from the Hayward Animal Shelter to the Petsmart in San Leandro every Saturday to increase their exposure and chances for adoption. She had amazing success for the first several years. However, there was a gradual decrease in the adoption numbers in 2014-2016 and the adoptions almost completely stopped in 2017. Due to this, Brenda and her husband Mark started to brainstorm new and fun ways to find homes for dogs.

They discussed the idea of a dog adoption center partnered with a cafe after hearing about the success of Cat Town in Oakland. There are many dogs in animals shelters in the Bay Area who don't do well in the shelter environment. Brenda and Mark wanted to create a comfortable space where shelter dogs can reach their full potential and find forever homes.


Mark and Brenda with their rescued dogs, Kaedin and Odie